The Original
Mountain Design
Mountain Rings
Mountain Rings With Stones
Mountain  Bracelets
Mountain Earrings,Pendants
The Double Mountain Design
2 Loop Earings
with 6mm
trillion stones
Double Mountain Rings
Double Mountain Rings With Stones
Double Mountain  Bracelets
Double Mountain Earrings,
Pendants, and Money Clips
Triple Mountain Cuff Links,and
Money Clips
Triangle Design
Earrings &
Women's Rings With Stones
Women's Rings (no stones)
Triangle Design
Bracelets & Necklaces
2 Loop Design Bracelets,
And Necklaces
Regular Weight
Stix Earrings
Handmade Chains
Tree Designs
Swoop And Swirl
Bill McCamish Gold and Silversmith
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Three Oaks MI  49128
(269)756-9677  or  (727)940-3934
Stix Pendants
3 Loop Earrings
2 Loop Earings with
6x8mm ovalstones
Pendants Page 1
Current as of 1/22/16
Garnet Jewelry
Peridot Jewelry
Citrine Jewelry
Pendants Page 2
Current as of 1/22/16
All Jewelry Copyright Bill McCamish
Bill McCamish Gold and Silversmith
P. O. Box 11, Three Oaks MI  49128
(269)756-9677  or  (727)940-3934                      e-mail:
All Jewelry Copyright Bill McCamish

You can now purchase a limited number of my designs directly on Etsy,
more to come soon.
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Amethyst Jewelry
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